We currently own a 4 bedroom home situated on 1/3 of an acre in Fullerton, CA. We have a large grassy yard with a fully fenced pool where the dogs are welcome to swim with supervision. Our grassy backyard to fully dog proof and our yard is double fenced with 6 foot privacy fence for safety. Dogs have indoor/outdoor access thru a doggy door and sleep indoors at night either in the crate provided by the owner or in our 4 x 4 sleeping suites. During the day they run and play with each other so they get lots of exercise!

We do training both in and out of the home, depending on what the dog requires. Dogs often go off property for training to parks, shopping centers, etc at least a few times per week.

As a stay-at-home mom, the dogs are included in our daily routine which means your dog's training is well proofed to normal home distractions. My two toddlers are professionals at making noise and acting crazy - ensuring your dogs will obey even in the highest of distractions once they go home.

Where Will My Dog Stay During Boarding and Training?