There are not enough words to express my gratitude towards Dana.   I came to meet Dana when my German Shepherd, Romanowski, was about a year and a half years old.  It was the first time I have ever owned a German Shepherd, and I was uneducated when it came to this particular dog breed.  I am a huge animal lover and have always owned a dog.  Romo was a challenge just to take on walks.  I loved him to death but simple daily activities were exhausting to do with him. I sent Romo to train with Dana for 6 weeks.  I must have driven her nuts with the constant phone calls to see how he was doing. Dana not only trained Romo, but she educated me on owning a German Shepherd and she taught me how to handle him.  Dana also gave me the encouragement to prepare & enter Romo in a BH trial.  It was the proudest moment of my life to see him accomplish his BH Trial.  She made Romanowski into the “Superstar” that he is today.  We both love her to death. Thanks again Dana… You made my “geek” into “Superstar” !!!  

Trish Leon and "Romonowski"
Simi Valley, CA

Thanks to Dana, what was once a sweet but unruly dog (aka the water buffalo) now has three titles under his belt and is on his way to many more! She has worked with Dasher for a relatively short amount of time and has truly brought great and unexpected results. I highly recommend her to anyone that not only wants to have a well behaved companion, but to those that crave a professional to handle or compete with their dog in competitions. Thank you Dana!
- Tanya Pustilnik and Windvilles Dasher VDM, BH, BST, TT
Newport Beach, CA

Dana started working with my golden retriever Doja shortly after I got him at 4 months old. Dana was a big help in getting him to calm down and stop his incessant howling whenever we left. He had severe separation anxiety. Dana was also able to teach him many tricks and spent a lot of time with Doja in the pool. Dana was also able to diagnose any dog related questions I might have had. Dana was a giant help in the raising and training of my now seven year old golden retriever, Doja.

Susan Christian and Doja
Orange, CA

Hi I'm Kuma and I'm one years old. When I was young Dana helped me out in puppy class to be a better boy and to learn how to behave and play with other doggies.  She taught my mom commands to teach me and I learned a lot. When I got older, I started to show aggression towards wheels and would bark at people I saw. Dana is helping me stop being so aggressive to wheels and to stop some of the other problems my mom doesn't like, such as jumping on people. I know that with Dana's help that I will overcome these bad habits very soon.  Thank you Dana for being so patient with me!  I really appreciate all the time you spend with me to help me be a good boy!

Lica Nichols and Kuma
Garden Grove, CA

To whom it may concern,
Dana Williams has been involved in the training, handling, and showing of two of my dogs.  I regularly involve Dana in and consult with her regarding all aspects of my dogs’ behavior and care. She is an industrious individual who is extremely knowledgeable and who has a very extensive background in the education of both the canine and its owner. She communicates well and is articulate in her explanation of dog psychology and what the purpose of the training techniques are and what they accomplish. Additionally she is pleasant, resourceful, and reliable. Without hesitation I recommend her services.

Kurt Brunner with "Lilly" and "Bo"
Long Beach, CA

Just a note to you and to say thank you so much for taking care of Sugar Bear.  This was the first time that I went on vacation with no worries.  I am just thrilled that he was taken care of so well.  When you brought him home Sugar Bear told me what a wonderful time he had in your home and asked to go back on my next vacation. I really appreciate the pick up and drop off service you offer, it has made things so much easier.  Again thank you and we will see you soon.
Diana & Sugar Bear
Anaheim Hills, CA

Before finding Dana, Auggie's nickname was "Monster"! Dana's honest, no-nonsense approach quickly made me realize that we were the problem not Auggie.  She never tried to "up-sell" or get me to buy a package.  In fact, she told me the first day that we
would probably not need more than a couple of sessions.  Dana has a clear
understanding of what our canine family members are thinking and why they do
what they do, but she also quickly recognizes what will and what won't work for your specific situation.  Unlike every other trainer I have ever worked with over the years, Dana does not have a "one style fits all philosophy".  Just as with a child she identified in the first session what type of training Auggie would respond to. Don't let her petite appearance fool you!  My "monster"is a 150 lb intact Newf and it is clear the first moment she met him that Auggie knew she was in charge and respected her
Dana saved my house and my sanity and now my "monster" can go absolutely anywhere and is often complimented on how well behaved he is.  We continue to work with Dana so we can eventually compete in various trials (rally, obedience etc.).
We not only have a well behaved boy but also a boy who is eager to learn and participate!  
Dana is not a "dog whisperer".... She is more the EF Hutton of dog training...... When Dana speaks, everyone (and every dog) listens!

Kathy Wortham & Auggie
Newport Beach, CA

When my puppy Daisy was old enough, she started going to doggie daycare. She loved going, but unfortunately had a problem sharing treats and water with the other dogs. After only a few sessions, Dana had her back into daycare and Daisy has not had a problem since. Dana can explain everything simply, and that made it easier to follow her advice at home. Now Daisy is almost a year old and is a model citizen. Thanks Dana!

DW and "Daisy"
Orange, CA

Thank you Dana!
It has been such a pleasure to have had you as an instructor
for my huskies in the agility classes you taught. I want to
commend you for your sincerity, your patience, your knowledge
and your helpful manner. Not only were you the teacher and
trainer for both the pups and owners, you took the time to work
one-on-one with some of the behavior problems some of the dogs
exhibited. It was a truly awesome experience for me to see that
you not only taught the class, but you took the time to help and
really listened to what the dog owners asked that was outside of
what the agility class entailed. Not often do you find that kind
of dedication! I want to thank you not only for going above and
beyond what the class entailed, but for the fun you added! Your
love for dogs truly shows - and your love and kindness to help
in any way you can was something I have not seen in a long,
long while. Thank you for the work you do!

Kathleen, "Jack" and "Taylor"

With an upcoming vacation and a pet sitter who backed out, we didn't know what to do.  We contacted Dana who went above and beyond to help us out!  We were so pleased with the care that our Duchess received in her care.  She had a wonderful attitude, welcoming and open and Duchess loved her.  We knew from the moment we met her that she would take wonderful care of Duchess and so we could go on vacation with no worries.  She's a real professional and we will be happy to use her services in the future!

Carleena Bhaduri and "Duchess"

I can't thank you enough for all the help you have given me and the girls with Mylee. I really feel like you are giving me the right tools to train her to be a good family dog. (Specially that pumpkin thing you SO saved me!!) You are my personal dog whisperer.

Kristy, Danielle and Lily Stavert
Burbank, CA

There's nothing that speaks louder than results, and the results of your training with Venus is speaking to me everyday. She went from being a 65 lb.whirling dervish with the attention span of a nano- second-, the strength of a wild horse, and absolutely no training on or off leash, at 10 or 12 mos.old. She was living on the streets of L.A., then was rescued where she lived in a pack of 16 dogs, which was certainly a step up , but probably didn't do much for her wild behavior which consisted of jumping on & body slamming everyone in sight.

I shudder to think of those days- going to bed every night feeling as if Id been run over by at least 1 truck. I've had dogs of all kinds ever since I can remember, and wonderfully behaved as well. Finally after all these years, I met my Waterloo wiith Venus, and I knew we needed help, fast, although, I've never considered professional training previously. I'm way past young, and no brute strength to rely on,with everyone shaking their head at me for getting a dog that seemed such an obvious mismatch.So there we were, and I wasn't about to give up ------or give her up.

Thankfully , we met up with you and never once did you suggest that she was too much dog for me , as I'd resentfully heard before.Quietly & quickly as you worked with her , and we all worked together,today, she is literally a dream dog.Everywhere we go, people comment on her manners, & her obedient behavior, yet, she's full of spunk & personality.She's kindness personified to my other dog who is 17 , and that is of utmost importance to me.

So- life is good- doesn't get much better than having great dogs, and thank you for bringing out the fabulous in her. w/gratitude---

Sherry & venus & smokey
Lakewood, CA

Hi Dana-
This is Venus. I'm glad I got to keep my name of Venus(the goddess)---cuz-my mom was on the brink of changing my name to Katrina due to my disastrous behavior, and some people even called me that secretly, although my mom didn't like that very well.

I get to go places now, where everyone makes a big fuss over me for being such an obedient and well-mannered girl, so life is really fun, and a lot less stressful since I know what to do with myself .

I remember everything you taught me,you'd be really proud of me, and I'm grateful that you believed in me and had the patience & kindness to help us. We'll see you later if I ever need any 'fine tuning', right now, I'm so adorable that my mom doesn't let me out of her sight.
doggie love-Venus

     Thanks for watching my dog Thor for me when I needed a last minute boarding kennel.  You took the time on very short notice to care for him and did a very good job at it.  You made sure he was well groomed and bathed.  I would recommend you to anyone that needed a great place for there dog to stay and not have to worry when they were away.  You always made sure Thor was well taken care of and called me with updates of how he was doing.  Thanks again.
Vince Valdivia
Loma Linda, CA

Good Morning Dana,

It's only been a day, and we have to thank you. You turned our good dog into a great dog! We're practicing all the things you taught us and Koa is doing extremely well already. My girlfriend is doing much better in taking control and it makes me smile every time he looks up to me for direction. Of course there is still work to be done, but the improvements are so great that we had to take the time to thank you. We're very greatful for your help, and we look forward to the next lesson.
Take Care,
 D& G

I absolutely would recommend Dana. I recommended her to my sister in law for her problematic pup and daycare and training with Dana have really helped.


Good morning Dana,
I just wanted to thank you for this past Monday's appointment with my bulldog Tank.
He is doing very well. He has controlled the bitting of our shoes and hands.
I also took your advise and removed the carpet out of his create, by doing this he has stop pooping in his create.
Tank seems to be more relax around us and the kids.
Looking forward for our next appointment.
Thanks, C.

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